Delta 9 Soda

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Refreshing cannabinoid-infused beverages in four delicious flavors:

  • 100 mg of Delta 9 THC per can
  • Flavors: Electric Grape, Sunset Strawberry, Lazy Peach, and Watermelon Sunrise
  • Resealable cans for multiple servings
  • Small window on the side for easy dosing

Product Features:

  • Powerful 100 mg of Delta 9 THC per can
  • Resealable cans allow for multiple servings and controlled consumption
  • Small window on the side for precise dosing
  • Fast-acting formula for quicker onset compared to traditional edibles

Exciting Flavor Options:

  • Electric Grape: A bold, vibrant grape flavor
  • Sunset Strawberry: Sweet and tangy strawberry delight
  • Lazy Peach: Smooth, mellow peach flavor
  • Watermelon Sunrise: Refreshing watermelon with a twist

Innovative Design:

  • Resealable cans preserve freshness and potency between uses
  • Dosing window allows for easy measurement of consumption
  • Discreet and convenient way to consume cannabinoids

Why Choose Delta 9 THC Sodas?

Our sodas offer a unique and potent way to incorporate cannabinoids into your lifestyle. With 100 mg of Delta 9 THC per can, the ability to control your dose precisely, and four delicious flavors to choose from, you can tailor your experience to your exact preferences.

Perfect For:

  • Experienced users looking for a high-potency option
  • Those who prefer to microdose over multiple sessions
  • Consumers who value precise control over their intake
  • Anyone seeking a refreshing and flavorful alternative to traditional cannabis products

Enjoy the fizzy, flavorful goodness of our Delta 9 THC Sodas while experiencing the potent effects of 100 mg THC per can. Choose your favorite flavor or try them all. The resealable design and dosing window ensure you’re always in control of your experience. Remember to consume responsibly and keep out of reach of children and pets.

RECEIVING  POLICY: A valid ID is required upon delivery. If you do not have your ID when your order is delivered, you may not be able to receive your order. Refunds will not be issued for those who fail to follow this protocol. Must be 18 or older to purchase most products, however, vaping products are restricted to ages 21+. If an order is placed and cannot be completed due to the purchaser being under the legal age to receive their order, a restocking fee of 15% may be charged. Tips to your driver are non-refundable. By checking out and completing your purchase, you are agreeing to this condition. Thank you for your cooperation.

REFUND POLICY: Due to the consumable nature of our products, no refunds will be offered for products that have been opened. Unopened products may be returned on a case by case basis at the customer’s expense. Refunds will only be given in the form of store credit. Tips to your driver are non-refundable.

Electric Grape, Lazy Peach, Sunset Strawberry, Watermelon Sunrise


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