Delta 9 Hot Cocoa (Nano Infused)

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Cocoa Whoa: Nano Delta 9 THC Hot Cocoa

Elevate your cocoa to “whoa” with our nano-infused hot cocoa mix! Fast-acting with 25 or 50 mg Delta 9 THC, it absorbs quicker for a smoother, more intense experience. Just add hot water or milk, and embrace the velvety luxury that awaits in every sip. Art meets innovation in every cup—sip, relax, enjoy.

Come prepared in a paper cup, just add hot water or milk!

Velvety Euphoria: “Cocoa Whoa” – Delta 9 THC Nano-Infused Hot Cocoa

Welcome to “Cocoa Whoa,” where the classic comfort of hot cocoa is reinvented with a modern twist. Here, the indulgent warmth of a beloved drink harmonizes with the revolutionary wellness benefits of nano-infused Delta 9 THC, creating a sipping experience that’s both profoundly soothing and exhilarating.

What Sets “Cocoa Whoa” Apart:

  • Potent Comfort: Infused with 25 or 50 mg of nano Delta 9 THC, each cup is a voyage to a new dimension of relaxation and vitality.
  • Innovative Nano Infusion: Nanoemulsion technology breaks down the THC molecules to microscopic size, enhancing bioavailability. This means your body absorbs the goodness faster and more efficiently, leading to quicker onset and often more intense effects.
  • Tailored for Tranquility: The time-honored ritual of savoring a hot drink is preserved, allowing the potent effects to mingle with the serene pace of each sip.

Crafting Your Moment of “Whoa”:

  1. Instant Gratification: Arriving in a pre-measured, ready-to-use cup, “Cocoa Whoa” needs only a cascade of hot water or milk to awaken its magic.
  2. Measured Sipping: The smooth cadence of enjoying a hot beverage aligns perfectly with the gradual and enhanced absorption offered by nano-infusion.
  3. The Perfect Dose of Luxury: Each serving is a crafted experience, designed to cocoon you in warmth as the Delta 9 THC weaves its tranquil tapestry.

Why Nano Infusion Reigns Supreme:

  • Unmatched Efficiency: Nano-infused THC is water-soluble, meaning it starts working the moment it hits your lips, unlike oil-based counterparts that take longer to kick in.
  • Precision and Uniformity: Nanoemulsion ensures even distribution of THC in each sip, guaranteeing consistency in your experience.
  • Elevated Experience: Because of its higher bioavailability, nano-infused THC can deliver more impactful effects even for those with a higher tolerance or those who don’t typically feel much from edibles.

Savor the Sophistication: “Cocoa Whoa” is not just a drink, it’s a deluxe escapade. It’s the invitation to wrap your hands around a cup filled with innovation and sink into a plush throw of well-being and flavor.

Mindful Enjoyment: Given the innovative potency and the faster onset of nano-infusion, start with a partial serving if you’re new to this experience. Please consume responsibly and be cognizant of the laws concerning Delta 9 THC in your jurisdiction.

Experience “Cocoa Whoa,” where each mug is a canvas for an opulent blend of tradition and cutting-edge wellness.


Mellow(25mg), Potent(50mg)


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