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We are proud to say we vet every product before we even consider putting it on our shelves. Lab results and COA's are available for every product we sell. If we cannot verify that a product is complaint with federal law, we will not carry it.



Few things feel worse than placing an order, patiently waiting for it to arrive, and opening your package only to find that you've received the wrong item, or that something is missing entirely. When we pack your order, we strive for the highest level of accuracy that we can muster. Accidents do happen, and in the rare case that they do, we will make it right for you IMMEDIATELY, no questions asked!


We take delivery time seriously. We make it a goal to have every order on the road within 3 minutes of it being placed. Our standard delivery time is under 30 minutes, with the typical order averaging between 15 and 20 minutes. If your order is running behind for some reason, we will be sure to keep you updated via phone calls or text messages. If we can't grantee a 30 minute delivery, we can absolutely guarantee good and clear communication!

Federally compliant cannabis delivered right to your door

Serving Denton County since 2020
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Why Choose Us

Fair Pricing

We price all of our products competitively against market competition.

Quick Delivery

Our goal is to have every order on the road within 3 minutes, and in your hands in less than 30!

Professional Service

Experience a level of professionality you would expect only in the highest rated dispensaries in the country.

Expertly Curated

With over 30 years combined cannabis knowledge and experience, our leadership rigorously reviews each product before adding it to our menu.

HEard enough?

Shop our Delta 8 and Delta 9 products and get your favorites delivered today!

Denton's Favorite Delta 8 Delivery Service

Customer Testimonials

"If you are looking for Delta 8 products this is the place to go."

- Lloyd H.

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Our Mission

As Denton's first and highest rated Delta 8 delivery service, our mission is simple: Put the products people need into their hands quickly. Everything that follows that is just a really nice bonus.

Our Vision

We aim to build a cannabis delivery network that spans the entirety of the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. We will build a brand that people across Texas trust, expanding on that network as the market demands.

In Texas, cannabis delivery will be as common as food delivery through the efforts of Delta 8 Denton.

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