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CBD Only Products


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We are proud to say we vet every product before we even consider putting it on our shelves. Lab results and COA's are available for every product we sell. If we cannot verify that a product is compliant with federal law, we will not carry it.



Few things feel worse than placing an order, patiently waiting for it to arrive, and opening your package only to find that you've received the wrong item, or that something is missing entirely. When we pack your order, we strive for the highest level of accuracy that we can muster. Accidents do happen, and in the rare case that they do, we will make it right for you IMMEDIATELY, no questions asked!


We take delivery time seriously. We make it a goal to have every order on the road within 3 minutes of it being placed. Our standard delivery time is under 30 minutes, with the typical order averaging between 15 and 20 minutes. If your order is running behind for some reason, we will be sure to keep you updated via phone calls or text messages. If we can't grantee a 30 minute delivery, we can absolutely guarantee good and clear communication!

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Serving Denton County since 2020

The Best Delta 8 Delivery In Denton

Delta 8 Denton is the leading Delta 8 delivery service in the Denton area. We provide our customers with a fast, accurate, and legal cannabis delivery service making it easy to place your order!

Fast Delta 8 Delivery in Denton

Most of our customers will have their order from our cannabis delivery driver in under thirty minutes. We aim to have your Delta 8 delivery on the road within three minutes after placing the order. At peak demand times, we keep you informed through phone calls or text messages if we are running behind, ensuring you are always aware of just when your CBD delivery order will arrive.

Quality Products

In addition to our reputation for the best weed delivery service in the area, we also stock only the best quality Delta 8 products. All of our products fully comply with Texas law, and we even ship nationally to other states where Delta 8 is legal. We carefully verify all of our products and only stock brands that provide a full COA (Certificate of Analysis) to guarantee quality for our customers.

Our selection includes some of the most unique edibles, from chips and cookies to concentrates, gummies, vapes, pre-rolls, and dabs. From your favorites to something new, Delta 8 Denton has what you need!

If you need fast Delta 8 delivery in the area or want to use our cannabis curbside pickup option, call us today at 940-441-3144.

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- Lloyd H.

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